Thursday, September 10, 2009

first time...

hii.. my name is Felicia Amanda.. je m'appelle Felicia Amanda, but everyone call me amanda. this is my first time to write the blog (katro bgt yha gw, hehehe)
thursday's coming againnn...
hmm.. i'm off every thursday,so that i woke up this morning at 11 noon.
rencananya sih hari ini mau ngerjain tugas ilkom gituh di dorm UMN, but mission failed. because one of my friend can not be with us today, she got a job. udh gitu jadwal temen2 agak2 pada bentrok juga. hehe
jadilah ngerjainnya bosok dhee.. and my activities today are just check the facebook, do my citizenship assignment, (but till i write this, that assignment doesn't finish yet. =p ), and english course.. i really like my english teacher.. she is so kind and friendly.. i understand every word she said, because she is canadian. and her indonesian language is zero. haha.. funny.. ^^, but i like her.
oh ya, btw, i'm university student now.. just about 2 weeks, but that was so fun, i like my new environment, my new teachers, an especially my new friends.. they are so kind to me, and dilligent so i can follow them if i "lost".hehehe.
but i miss my high school friends... miss u guys...

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